Suicide Vest Training Package

Product Code: ST-SVL-TCD

Manufacturer: Setcan

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Integrated Training IED Solutions

Ideal for LE and military professionals who are responding to high risk situations where an explosive device or other type of threat may be present. Especially effective in suicide bomber or active shooter scenarios. Enhances the stress level required for effective reality based training while providing a safe, reusable and economical platform.
  • Specifically designed for role player safe deployment and optimal functionality
  • Pipe Bombs can be used on the Suicide Vest or as a stand alone item
  • Uses a Triggering Unit (T.U.) which is connected to a Long Pipe Bomb Simulator with Right Angle Head IED through a 1/8" air line
  • Safe non-pyro training system, uses 12g CO2 cartridges and a Green Burst Disc (rubber) that ruptures when detonated to make a loud "bang" of approximately 112 db
  • Detonation is instantaneous when the T.U. is activated
  • Pipe Bombs can be filled with powder for additional visual effect
  • 1 - Suicide Vest Shell (100% MILSPEC)
  • 2 - Long Pipe Bomb Simulator with Right Angle Head (use in Suicide Vest or stand alone)
  • 1 - CO2 Triggering Unit with 10' of 1/8" Air Line
  • 1 - Operating Instructions
  • 1 - 1 Year Warranty
Note: Each detonation requires 1 - 12g CO2 cartridge and 1 - Green Rubber Burst Disc. Add Cool Smoke for additional smoke signature effect.